How to Defend Yourself in Court When Accused of Breaking Traffic Laws


Traffic law makes the roads safe to use. You will face DUI charges or get a speeding ticket when you break the traffic laws. You will be fined, jailed; your license will be revoked or suspended. You can save your driving license and enjoy riding on the road if you are brave enough to fight a traffic ticket. The defense lawyers are experienced. You should not be excited when the officer does not show up in court. Challenging the defense lawyer is difficult if you are clueless about the law. You need to have an experienced traffic lawyer so that when the defense attorney spits fire, your attorney will spit water and neutralize all the tactics of the defense team. Here are tips for defending yourself when you are accused of violating traffic laws.

Challenge the conclusion of the officer by arguing that the officer came to a wrong conclusion. It does not matter if you broke the law, or the officer was judgmental. For example, you may make a wrong turn, but you can argue that the wrong turn was the right turn because you were saving the life of an animal who showed up unexpectedly on the road. The officer may not have seen the small cat because he was behind you; hence he or she judged your actions to be wrong. You also did not see the cat because it was not there, but you need to argue out your point until it makes sense. If there were no cameras at the scene, then it is your word against that of the officer. See

Illustrate how the events happened using photographs or a diagram. Explain where the officer was standing on where the car of the officer was, where your car emerged from and where t was heading to and the angle at which the officer was observing your car. The officer may have observed your car from a bad angle, or he or she may not have seen your car.

Prove that your actions are legally justified. What if you claim that you saw something through the side mirror that that was astonishing you hence you lost control of the car and swayed to the wrong lane? How about explaining that a spider was crawling onto your body? The officer was not in your car; therefore, it is a battle of using convincing words to win the case, and the traffic lawyers are the best warriors in this type of ar. Learn more on the attorney to hire.

Admit that it was a mistake and add facts that you got wrong, which made you make a mistake. Tell the judge how foggy it was a truck was parking near the stop sign; hence the fog or the truck obstructed you from seeing the sign. You may also argue that the signs always pointed left turn but malicious people turned it the other way, and it showed left turn.

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